Header images of “Not-Science” (i.e., me) were taken by me (because who else would?), copyright 2014 Charlie Hatton and available for use by anyone (you poor, misguided bastard, you) under a Creative Commons “BY-NC-SA” license. Those images, his noodly appendage help us all, are below.

There are exactly 100 of these images, because I’m a glutton for public embarrassment and because I really need a new, non-photographic hobby, apparently.

Rotating header “Science!” images were collected from Flickr, are copyrighted by their respective owners and used here in compliance with various Creative Commons licenses. Images may have been cropped and/or resized to fit header dimensions. Attributions (courtesy of ImageCodr) and links to original images are available on this page.

“Not-Science” Header Images:

Did you say… science?
Get thee behind me, science!

Get thee behind me, science!

From science’s heart, I stab at thee!
Now presenting... science!

Now presenting… science! Ta da!
Don't tase me, science!

Don’t tase me, science!
Talk to the hand, science.

Talk to the hand, science.

Be gentle; it’s my first science.

I see what you scienced there.

Aw, I could never stay mad at science.

Ew, somebody science’d in here.

Those… aren’t… science… PILLOWS!

We’re gonna need a bigger science.

Who writes this science, anyway?

Science is the new black this season.

Ah don’t likes the look of that there science.

Don’t you make me turn this science around.

Science spoiler! Everybody dies at the end!

You should have a science doctor look at that.

Like a hawk, science. Like a hawk.

Gonna git me some science!

Meh. I’ve seen sciencey-er.

Pardon me, did you say.. science?

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, science?

Mmm, science. Goes down smooth.

For all you do, this science’s for you.

That science word you keep using…

I just scienced in my mouth a little.

Go science, it’s your birthday!

One, please — with a side of science!

Ain’t no rule against coveting my neighbor’s science.

How about you keep your science in your pants?

That don’t sound like no science I ever heard.

That’s some interesting science you have there.


Uhhh, a science says whut?

Hrm. Disappointing, science.

Not sure if science, or…

Good job, science! Double gold stars!

Oooooooooh! (Science!)

Ahhhhhhhhh! (Science!)

I think you lost me at the “science” part.

Science, shit. You be trippin’.

Science? Run away! Run away!

Don’t you touch me with that science.

The science is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Probably not the best way to hold science back, actually.

Could you repeat that science? Maybe in a different language?

Here’s my surprised-by-science face. Uh-whhaa?

I ask the tough questions. Like, “how do you spell science?”

Finally, the science I’ve waited my whole life for!

Aw, man. I didn’t know you could science like that.

Tell me more of this “science” of which you speak.

Dis guy sez he’s science. I ain’t so sure.

I have one question about science. All of them.


Do yous believe dis science over here?

Come on, science. Don’t be shy.

I never knew your science was so big.

Close. But no science.

I’ma take my science and GO HOME!

Who’s the cutest widdle science around? You are!

Your science frightens and confuses me.

Ouch. That science is gonna leave a mark.

Don’t worry – your science is safe with me.

Who’s your science? I mean, daddy! I mean, SCIENCE!

You might want to recheck that science, bub.

Stupid science. Who needs it, anyway?

Waiting for the sciences to return to Capistrano.


Live long. And science.

Look out! Science tsunami!

Then *WHOOSH*. There goes science.

Too close, science! I NEED AN ADULT!

No more science. I’m osmosing.

Dramatic chipmunk discovers his first science.

Pfft. Who you going to sciencify with that little thing?

Lt. Columbo has one last question. It’s about science.

I think you’re onto something with this “science” business.

We’re already science on the inside, right?

I’ll report your science; just don’t get it near me.

Hey, this isn’t rocket science. Aw, crap, it is.

Dude, you don’t know where that science has been.

Macauley Culkin grows up and learns science.

It’s like we finish each others’… sciences.

Good science news, everyone!

Can I quote you on that, science?

What is this I don’t even science.

Who loves science? That guy!

Nice beat, I can science to it: 7/10.

What has been scienced cannot be unscienced.

I was told there would be no science.

I would really like to honk your science, apparently.

My sources tell me you’ve got a lot of science to learn.
I see you, science!

I will pet it and love it and call it science!

The power of science compels you! The power of science compels you!

All science and no play makes Homer something something…

The needs of the science outweigh the needs of the not-as-much science.

Did I science that?

Science, please!

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